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www edunet. tn concours sur dossiers 2023

I understand you’re looking for information about the Tunisian Ministry of Education’s 2023 “concours sur dossiers” (application-based competitions) on the EduNet website ( However, as of today, February 15, 2024, those competitions have already closed and are no longer available on the website.

Here’s what I found:

  • The EduNet website currently lists “concours sur dossiers” for 2024: You can find them under the “Services” tab, then “Concours et examens” (Competitions and exams). These are for internal promotions within the Ministry of Education and different categories of personnel.
  • Past “concours sur dossiers” are not easily accessible on the website: Although the website has a section for archived announcements, it primarily focuses on news and events. Finding specific past competitions would require searching through individual news articles or announcements, which can be time-consuming.

Here are some suggestions for finding information about future competitions:

  • Bookmark the “Services” > “Concours et examens” page: This is where new competitions will be announced.
  • Follow the Ministry of Education on social media: They often announce competitions on their Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Subscribe to email notifications: If available, signing up for email notifications from the Ministry of Education or EduNet could alert you to new competitions.

I hope this information helps!